Until There's A Cure

South African Elephant Clutch


This beautiful handmade gift is a Small Utility Clutch made from Cotton Twill. Landscape patchwork with hand embroidery and beaded elephant or rhino in the center.  Nylon zip closure. Fabrics used will vary.  Dimensions 6 x 6 

This is a gift from the Reaboka Foundation. They is dedicated to working with marginalized and vulnerable communities, mainly in rural areas. This product is made by people we care about. Reaboka creates positive work opportunities in South Africa, with an emphasis on teaching skills to women that add value to the marketplace.


  • Stripes Clutch (1st Picture)
  • Light Blue Elephant Clutch (2nd picture)
  • Yellow Rings Elephant Clutch (3rd picture)

Your purchase directly supports vulnerable and marginalized  South African communities. 

Sesotho meaning of REABOKA: We are full of praise; We are grateful

Country of Origin: South Africa

Grab this gift today to help us empower African communities! #Helpothers #Untiltheresacure

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