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Summer Citrus Whipped Shea Frosting

Certified Black Owned

YaaYaa Natural is a Certified Women of Color Owned Business Enterprise.

We take pride in supporting and uplifting Women of Color through business and personal efforts.

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Our Mission

YaaYaa Natural is committed to empowering African communities and leaving a better environment for future generations. We have taken the initiative to only use sustainable products and packaging. Eliminating the use of plastics as much as we can. We wish to create more awareness for Mother Africa and our Home Planet.

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HIV+ Community Impact

We are proud to partner with Until There's A Cure ( Through our products and partnership we fund HIV prevention education, care services, and vaccine development. As well as, increasing public awareness of HIV/AIDS.

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Ghanaian Shea Butter

Our shea butter is directly sourced from Tamale, Ghana. Without the powerful women that farm our shea, we wouldn't have such an amazing product.

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100% Avocado Carrier Oil

The avocado is a superfood! It's full of vitamin E, oleic acid, aids in wound healing and improves skin cells. We are proud to use pure cosmetic grade Mexican avocado oil in all of our products

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In a Nutsell

We adore animals and would never test on them.

We do not heat or treat our Shea Butter or oils

We only use natural plant products.

We do not use plastics.

We ensure our materials are sustainably sourced.

We produce in small batches.

We give back to African communities.

We use natural preservatives or none at all.

We are a Black Family owned AND operated business.

Get Into Your Skin

Ask your self, can you identify the ingredients on the label without looking it up first? Are your skin care products transparent about the materials they use and their production process? Skin care should be easy to understand AND should contain materials that aren't harmful to your skin. 

Our Whipped Shea Frosting is made only with luxury ingredients. Unrefined Shea Butter, Pure Essential Oils and Pure Carrier Oils. All ingredients are unheated and untreated during production. Then whipped to a fluffy cloud-like texture. Your body hasn't experienced texture of this magnitude. 

The best part you ask? We give back to the beautiful communities of Africa.