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Sankofa Original Bracelet
Sankofa Clay Bracelet
Sankofa Glass & Clay Bracelet
Sankofa Bracelet

Sankofa Bracelet

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This beautiful bracelet is made by villagers in Ghana who tested positive for HIV. Each piece is named after the village of the HIV positive person trained to make the bracelet


  • Sankofa Original Bracelet (1st picture)
  • Sankofa Clay Bracelet (2nd picture)
  • Sankofa Glass & Clay (3rd picture)

Each bracelet funds both access to HIV treatment and supplemental income for its maker for one month, improving their health and status as contributing members of their community.

Handmade with African clay, stone, and recycled glass beads, this type of traditional materials have been used for centuries for trade in West Africa.

 County of Origin: Ghana

Grab this gift today to help us empower African communities! #Helpothers #Untiltheresacure